Improvisation, Indeterminacy and New Music
9:30PM, Thursday, November 8, 2018
Alvin Lucier (b. 1985)| Silver Streetcar for the orchestra (1988)
Aljandro Acierto (b. 1985)| upon the horizon, a space of unknowing, for two contrbass clarinets, fixed media, and sonic objects
John Cage (1912-1992)| Radio Music (1956)
Conducted Improvisation| (based on Anthony Braxton’s “Language Music” System)
DePaul School of Music faculty and members of Chicago’s own Ensemble Dal Niente join together for a concert of improvisation and New Music, including James Tenney’s Having Never Written a Note for Percussion, Alvin Lucier’s Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra, John Cage’s Radio Music and improvisational sets led by Alejandro Acierto and Amanda DeBoer Bartlett.
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